Commissioning a Portrait or Pet/Animal Drawing

Commissioning a portrait or pet/animal drawing is simple if you follow these few easy steps:

  1.  Take a look at the price list here to decide which size of image you would like and determine the type of medium you prefer
  2.  Reserve a place in my workload diary by getting in touch with me either by email ( or completing the online contact form ensuring that you specify your requirements
  3.  Once your details have been received I will come back to you with an idea of the timescale depending on how many commissions I may have ongoing when you apply
  4.  Check my Terms & Conditions page so that you understand when to send a deposit and you are aware that I will not be able to start work on your commission until the final invoice is paid
  5.  Be prepared to submit digital images electronically or via normal mail. As these will form the basis of your commissioned image/s, ideally they need to be hi-resolution, which can be anything from 300dpi upwards (dots per inch). Most modern digital cameras shoot at 350dpi, so don’t worry. If you submit original photographs via normal mail, I can scan them to produce hi-resolution copy to work from, these invariably are 600dpi
  6.  When submitting images via email, please be mindful that some ISP’s restrict the amount of Megabytes that can be sent in an attachment and be aware that they may need to be submitted in two or more emails

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