Julie Ann Maguire - Artist, Graphics & CP Illustrator

Julie Ann Maguire – Artist, Graphics & CP Illustrator


Rough, rowdy and cheerful: everything about Maguire’s piece speaks to me of down-to-earth unselfconscious fun. Her bold colors, rough textures and busy composition help me smell the salt air and hear the laughter of these plain folks, and I wish I could join in on their salty day!    <  Ann Kullberg

Julie, thank you so much for the drawings of our two sons. You have not only captured their likeness but their very spirit. They love it and it’s such a lovely memory to have in the years ahead, so much better than a photograph. I hope in the near future to commission you again to do the four of us. Anyone reading this thinking about it, do it. It hangs proudly in our home. Thank you again.   <  The Burns family

Julie Ann Maguire studied with the London Art college last year. She has now developed her own website and it’s online for fellow students to view. We hope that this helps to inspire our students to create a website of their own if they haven’t already got one.

The drawing below is Julie’s 6th graphite image in her Postcards from Eire series. This delightful perspective is of a typical Irish street scene in a village in County Clare.

Postcard from Eire 6

Postcard from Eire 6

Here we can sense the laid back nature of country life outside of Dublin, the figures bring the scene to life and offer us a peaceful glimpse of a nation once torn in religious and political conflict.    <  London Art College

Oh wow, that is fantastic, Julie! What a brilliant job you have done. You have captured our expressions and emotions perfectly. I love it!!! Thank you so, so much, you are very talented and I shall definitely be getting a copy of this for me and my little brother. Richard Lang what do you think? Thanks again and I look forward to seeing more of your work xxxx       < Rachel Bateman

The committee has enjoyed discovering this work, which is sensitive, unique and more profound than it appears. A very poetic approach full of sensitivity makes your work very credible. If you concentrate on the essential, your work will be even stronger. A great deal of instinct, which is what makes your work interesting. Keep working to make it fascinating!     < Luxembourg Art Prize 2016


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